Foilen Cloud

Foilen Cloud & Infra - Documentation

This is the documentation for the hosting platform Foilen Infra and its online deployment known as Foilen Cloud.

Top features:

  • It is completely Open Source (MIT License). No “Enterprise” version. That means, no lock-in to any provider.
  • Can run any Linux software.
  • It is secured for multi-tenant and multi-applications by
    • segregating them with different Unix users (a single tenant can use multiple Unix users)
    • and by segregating the applications in Docker.
  • Can run multiple versions of the same software on the same machine with Docker.
  • Easy multi-cloud by using any Ubuntu machine provided by anyone, even running on premises.
  • Can manage simple to complex deployments that includes load balancers.


  • Self-hosted:
  • Bring your own machines (Foilen Cloud - Dedicated):
    • Get some machines running Ubuntu without anything running on them. You can get them from your office, AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Google, etc.
    • Get access to Foilen - Cloud and add your machines.
    • Bootstrap them with the specific steps.
    • You can also use these machines with shared machines in the next option to get the best of both worlds for different use cases.
  • Use shared machines (Foilen Cloud - Shared)
    • Get access to Foilen - Cloud and start creating applications right away

For the Foilen Cloud option, you can see the prices on this page.